1. What exactly is this site about?

This site is about self improvement. We help you collect feedback about yourself, from your friends, and the catch is that your friends can remain anonymous while giving feedback. Thus the message is conveyed without any hesitation, and we request you to take it in a positive note to improve yourself, if at all any negative trait is highlighted through a feedback. Take into consideration that people giving feedback may not be good at conveying the message is a pleasant way. but your main objective is to take the message and improve.

2. How does this site work?

Registration process is through Facebook. You just have to login with facebook and provide a username, and your page is ready. Then you share the link of the page with your friends, and your friends can provide anonymous feedback through that page. We even have a normal registration page which accepts your basic details, and then creates a page for yourself by providing a username.

3. How do I share my personal feedback page with my friends?

You can share the link of the page through various social networks like facebook, google plus, twitter etc, or you can even mail your friends or send the link through chat.

4. Will I get feedbacks if I don't share the link to my page?

We're afraid not. Currently there are no other means by which your friends can track your page. So you will have to share it with them. Of course we are working on improving your experience with us and to gather more and better feedbacks *automatically?*, but that will take a few weeks time and the best practise as of now would be to share it with as many friends as possible through the various methods mentioned above.

5. Got it. But can I use it only to gather personal feedback?

No such restrictions. We just want to help you. Feel free to use your creativity and make the best use of the site. Like you can make a link for the music piece you have composed, and gather feedback for that. We also have another alternative url for you to use http://wrng.me/. Example: http://wrng.me/this_site

6. Where can I see the feedbacks my friends have given me?

The feedbacks are sent to your mail, and is also shown in the "My feedback" page. You can see that by clicking on "my feedback" after you've logged in.

7. What is this [p] and [h] shown next to my feedbacks?

It is the status of the feedback. [p] means it is public, and visible to all the people visiting your page, and that they can even comment on it if they wish to. [h] means it's hidden and that only you will be able to see that feedback. We would suggest you keep your feedbacks in public [p] mode so that you get more feedback and comments from your friends.

8. Can I reply to the person who sent me a specific feedback?

Unfortunately, No. We don't have that feature as yet but we are working on providing that feature also to you.

9. I really liked a feedback I got. Can I know who sent it to me?

The answer is a No again. Good or bad, the feedback is anonymous. We don't ask for the details of the person providing the feedback, and hence, we don't have, and can't give you the name or details of the person who sent you a specific feedback.

10. Somebody is threatening/blackmailing/abusing me badly through my page on your website. What do I do now?

Our terms and conditions clearly prohibits any such comments/usage of the website. We do collect the ip of the person who is sending the comments. So please lodge and forward a complaint to support@whatiswrongwith.me through your local cyber law enforcement and we will cooperate with them by providing the ip address of the person who is doing such a misdeed. Of course this being an extreme step, please make sure that the issue is serious enough when you decide to go for it. **expert tip: also it possible for people to mask their ip, so the validity of the ip is also questionable**

11. That's a lot of feedbacks. I need a break now. What do I do?

You can deactivate your page by going to the settings page and selecting 'Stop the feedbacks'. The page will no longer be able to receive feedback messages. You can also activate it back easily from the settings page.

12. I want to delete my account. What do I do?

That is an extreme step. Do you really want to delete your account and miss out on all the feedbacks about yourself, and the future features we offer? We are even working on "find your friends" feature through our website, for you to find your friends and provide feedback, and for your friends to find you and give more creative feedback. In case you still want to delete your account, just mail to support@whatiswrongwith.me with your email id and page link and we will do the needful.

13. What are other crazy uses of this site?

You can send links or short notes to your mail directly from a public computer through your feedback page, without having to log in to your mail id through the public computer, which might have viruses targeting your email id and password.

14. Where is the Password Reset link?

Here is it

15. Your FAQ doesn't have the answer to my question. Now what?

Feel free to send it as a feedback at our support page http://whatiswrongwith.me/this_site or mail us at support@whatiswrongwith.me